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Home Inspection Definition 


A business with illogically high liability, slim profit margins and limited economies of scale. An incredibly diverse, multi-disciplined consulting service, delivered under difficult in-field circumstances, before a highly stressed, hostile audience with differing interests, in an impossibly short time frame, requiring the production of an extraordinarily detailed technical report almost instantly, without benefit of research facilities or resources.


What To Look For When Hiring An Inspector 


There are a couple things to look for when choosing an Inspector for your Investment/home. Ontario currently does not have a licencing in place for home Inspectors. Ensure The Home Inspector your hiring has the credentials (College Diploma In Home Inspection), Errors and Omissions Insurance + General Liability, Do research on what people are saying about the Inspectors services and past work he/she has provided, Check/Ask if the Inspector is part of any local or National Associations, Check to see if the Inspector offers the services you are looking for to protect your investment, The Inspector should only do inspection related services (he/she should not offer any services related to trades or construction).


Helpful Information On licencing & ACTS/STANDARDS


There are a couple ACTS and Standards that should be followed to ensure Home Inspectors are providing quality service. CAN/CSA A770-16 is a new but very Important standard that all home Inspectors Certified with OntarioACHI should understand and use. Bill 59 (Putting the Consumer First ACT 2017) Is also a very important act that every home inspector in Ontario should know. 


Before The Inspection 


Before the Inspection you should receive a Inspection Agreement, Which is a standard that bonds you (the client), the Inspector and the home to one another. The Agreement goes over all the legal information about the inspection, Inspectors should not enter the home till the agreement has been signed. At this time you should have all the information on what a home inspection includes and what services/warranties are provided (READ MORE). The Inspectors should be open to all questions relating the home.


After The Inspection 

After the Inspection you should have received an Inspection report (times vary with every inspector, but should be within 3-24 hours of the inspection). The Written Report Should have Pictures, narratives and descriptions of all the implications and maintenance needed. Home Inspectors do not pass or fail homes, We preform non-invasive Inspections. The inspection is also non-biased to all party's. Several months or years down the road you might notice a problem and wonder why it was not mentioned on the report, Homes and their mechanical systems can deteriorate over time. As Home Inspectors not only are we not allowed to comment on life expectations on systems and items we also can't predict their failures. 


- My standard inspection time frame is 2.5 hours and up bringing into consideration age, location and size

- All Inspections come with a written report (12 hour turnover)

- You will gain full support for any questions related to the address that was inspected.

- Prior to inspection the client will receive an inspection agreement to review and sign.

- I don't offer any other services that are not inspection related as it is against my standard of practice and is considered a conflict of interest.

- Ask me about my Warranties with Residential Services, I would be more then happy to email the policies. 

Helpful Documents

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